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Useful Skills

Language Skills

  • German / English      native (C2)
  • French / Russian       good (B2)
  • Dutch / Spanish        good passive skills (B2) basic communication skills (A2)
  • Japanese                     basic (A2)


  • Virtual Collaboration Guru
  • Digital Native (a bit old for that, but true)

Music Skills

  • a bit of piano
  • a bit of song
  • a bit of guitar
  • a bit of ukulele
  • a bit of cajon
  • a bit of accordeon

Other skills

  • reading too fast with a penchant for urban fantasy (e.g. Ilona Andrews)
  • reading too slow but loving philosophy (e.g. Dan Hutto and Eric Myin)
  • dancing the tango (following) argentino
  • dancing “boy” (leading) in ballroom dancing
  • drawing Mangas badly
  • running too slow
  • trying hard to stay fit
  • loving nature
  • being silent