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Podcast with Mel Leow

Solution Focused Coaching

ICF Singapore

Solution Focused Theory

ICF Germany Podcasts

Kirsten Dierolf als MCC Assessorin by ICF Germany • A podcast on Anchor

Kirsten Dierolf – Tun ist besser als Perfekt sein by ICF Germany • A podcast on Anchor

Interviewing others at ICF Germany podcast:

Podcast with Elfie Czerny and Dominik Godat “Partnering with your client”

SFP 87 – Partnering with your Clients: Inspirations from the ICF Coaching Competencies for Solution Focused Practice with Kirsten Dierolf – SIMPLY FOCUS Podcast with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat – SF on tour Leadership is nothing but a bunch of talk. SOLtalk at the 2015 conference CEESolworld in Budapest What is quality in Solution Focused Consulting. SOLtalk at the 2013 SOLworld conference in Bad Pyrmont Interview with Ben Furman on Solution Focus in Organisations